A new job, a new city, my first story.

Since the age of 10, while everyone else wanted to be astronauts and doctors, I wanted to work for the Walt Disney Company. So when I found out about a meeting on campus involving something called "The Disney College Program", I instantly thought "this is it." So here I am, 23 years old, and jumping up and down since this is my chance to find out what working for Disney is all about.  Mind you my career focus in college was Criminal Justice, so by now I just wanted to get away from home and see the flip-side of the Parks, the "behind-the-scenes" of the magic. 

This is going to be lengthy so TL;DR - I got in to the program, found a good roommate, and drove down with everything I owned nearly.

For the details of what it is, I invite you to Google it. I want to get to the good stuff and not lecture you on the specifics. So I applied, got in, and decided on the Fall program, as I graduated in May of 2010. I waited diligently on my packet that would determine my fate - where I would work at - at WDW.

I found out my "role" would be in merchandise, about 3 weeks after my final interview. I won't name where I worked but I was fortunate enough, in my opinion, to work in one of the resorts. I was kind of let down, since I wanted to work where all the fun happened but I was just excited it wasn't Food and Beverage, as I had been a server for the past 3 years and was tired of that field. I found out my first day for my orientation into the program was August 30th. 

So I got on Facebook, found a group where you can interact with others to find roommates, and began my search. I was lucky enough that the first guy I contacted was perfect. We were both movie fanatics, introverts, and liked to keep to ourselves mostly. (This would later change for me as the DCP really was a turning point in my life socially.) We exchanged likes and dislikes and it was like I hit the jackpot - and I did. We are still friends to this day, for the record.

Then there was the part where I told my family. They were extremely supportive, excited, but concerned for me. This would be my first time truly on my own - no family or close friends to get me out of trouble or help since I was to be half a day's drive away. They came to terms and were more than thrilled though, even helping me decide what I should pack. My car, an 04 Chevy Aveo at the time, had so much packed into it, I barely fit. Mind you I stand over 6 feet tall anyways so it was a tight fit to begin with. Orientation was supposed to be at 10 am sharp on the big day. 

Since I lived about 12 hours away in Alabama and had made that drive over 22 times at this point, I would drive down at a normal pace so I could take more of my gear for the big move and avoid the hassle of airports. Not only that, having your car at Disney, if you can manage it, makes EVERYTHING better. Ill get to that later. I left EARLY the day before orientation, said my "see you laters", and proceeded on my way.

 So I drive down to, lets call him Bryan, my new roommates house and meet his family. They are seriously some of the best people I have EVER known. It was late so there wasn't anywhere besides the fast food junk, so I decided to skip out prior to arrive. Hearing I hadnt eaten in over 9 hours, his mom decided "that just wont do!" and proceeded to fix me tomato soup and a sandwhich.  Bryan, being the wonderful host, let me have his bed, and he took the guest room. Bryan's family lived in Deltona, which is 45 minutes to an hour north of Lake Buena Vista, aka the city of Walt Disney World.

So by the time I arrived, it was passed time for bed. Fast forward 8 hours and Bryan and I are on the road to orientation...


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