To download all of my Disney related media, I highly recommend this method for mobile users. As my listed files are encrypted, this is the only method for phone users to get my content. Essentially a torrent client in the cloud, Seedr offers a free service to get people started and is ridiculously easy to operate.
On a basic level it’s as simple as making an account (just an email address is required) and either dragging or uploading a torrent to the service. Seedr is also fully magnet link capable and can even find a torrent when supplied with just the URL of a page.
Seedr then does all the downloading and sharing itself without a single byte hitting the user’s machine (great for those who want to get on with other things) and without any local IP addresses being exposed to a torrent swarm. This means the service helps to maintain user privacy too.
The Seedr interface
Once the download is complete (indicated by a basic progress bar) users can transfer the content to their own machine by hitting the download button while a right click reveals various other options.

This works for both Apple & Android devices! Join up today at